The perfect gift for the boater in your family!
It's Like a wakeboard rack - but for your life jackets!
“I am in love with this. Our family actually has room to spread out in the boat now. We used to have to take turns because we couldn't fit everyone in the boat!”

— Joy Griswald, Flint Michigan

Introducing the Jacket Rack-it
It's Like A Wakeboard Rack - But For Life Jackets
It is a simple rack that lets you hang your life jackets outside of your boat... Giving you back precious space and making your boat feel bigger and roomier.

The Jacket Rack-it attaches to your boat tower just like a wakeboard or surfboard rack.
Keep Your Boat Clutter Free
The Jacket Rack-it easily attaches to your boat tower. Then with a short reach you can hang your wet life jackets on the rack!  Now its off the floor where its no longer a tripping hazard!  With all your jacket's out of the boat you have taken back your floor space. Plus the rack will...
Dry Your Life Jackets 750% Faster
When on the rack, your jackets are exposed to moving air and sunlight so they dry quickly!  In our tests we found that a life jacket dried 7.5 times faster when on the rack compared to being on the floor of the boat and 3 times faster than when strapped to the tower.
"I never have to put on a soggy wet jacket again. I bought one for each side because we use it so much!”

— TJ Jones, Salt Lake City, UT
The Cure For Bad Life Jacket Management
Before the Jacket Rack-it, many boaters who were sick of tripping on life jackets so they came up with unique ideas. 
Which one do you relate to?
The Mildew Manager stuffs life jackets under the seat compartments or even in the engine compartment.  This got them out of the way.. but the jackets took a long time to dry - and they started smelling like mildew and mold... Not you?  Maybe you relate to...
The Tower Of Terror Manager was on the right track when they started snapping wet life jackets to the boat tower...  The problem was that the jackets were tossed around like a rag doll. The jackets whip around and drip into the boat where they get partially dry.

But the Jacket Rack-it solves both problems by getting the jackets all the way out of the boat where they drip into the water. At high speeds the jackets remain steady and stable on the rack. Here is a video of what it looks like traveling at 40 mph.
Key Features:
    • Keeps your boat floor clutter free
    • Dries jackets in just minutes
    • Easy to use and installs in minutes
    • Installs below other accessories like your wakeboard racks (does not interfere with other accessories either!)
    • Holds up to 4 adult or child life size jackets
    • Made of strong chrome plated aluminum with stainless steel hardware for durability
    • Non marking rubber inserts allow for mounting to various tube tower diameters - will not scratch the tower
    • Adjusts to all tower angles because of its 3 access adjustment points. 
    • Measures approximately 21" x 17.4" and weighs 17 lbs. 
    • Installs on most boats with tube towers and diameters between 1 3/4" and 2 1/2" (Use our "will it fit" guide here to see if it will work with your boat).
    “I feel like I can actually move around my boat without worrying about tripping!”

    — Jane Fredricks, Little Rock Arkansas

    Get the Jacket Rack-it at clearance pricing (Limited quantity)
    We recently received a shipment of 452 racks with some minor cosmetic imperfections.

    The racks look great and are in perfect working order. They just have some slight imperfections or small brush like strokes on the chrome.

    To the untrained eye, many of these look to be in perfect condition. Rather than incur the cost of sending them back to the manufacturer we have decided to sell them at 50% off of retail price!

    The Jacket Rack-it usually retails for $299.00. But you can get one with minor cosmetic imperfection for only $149.00
    Does it swivel?

    No...because it doesn't need to. With a wakeboard rack you want a swivel because boards are heavy and the storage angles away from the boat..

    With the Jacket Rackit it is a short reach... So you don't need a useless swivel to reach it.

    However, if you want to get it out of the way for storage you can drop the rack
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